Team Building
Bring your sports team, sales crew, youth group, or your whole company staff together through fun! 

Looking for a Team Building event? Or, maybe just a fun event to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work?

Bring Strike Force Laser Tag to next meeting or event for hours of carefree, unique fun… we’re the ultimate in team-building challenge!

Your colleagues will be impressed as they  get geared up with a tagger that feels military grade and recieve instructions from the “Drill Sergeant"! It’s an event that’ll not only bring out their healthy competitive nature, but it’ll be a great event that they will remember forever. There’s hardly any prep time, just book your event and that day one of our friendly staff members will show up and get the good times rolling!

Custom Corporate Events 
Because each event is unique, please contact us for 
Corporate Team building evenet pricing to give you a custom quote.

This allows us to customize your event package to meet your needs as well as offer special promotions and discounts  for small and large events.

We can even find ways to incorporate your latest product or company into training games!