Strike force Laser Tag  is Utah’s ultimate birthday laser tag experience that comes right to you!  We bring our amazing high-tech  Laser Taggers, game props, barricades, and your own "Drill Sargent" you’ll need for the best event ever!

Teams compete in our various combat-style adventure missions, combining fun, skill, strategy and teamwork. Much more than traditional indoor laser tag –  we bring to life all the popular video games such as Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield and much more – all without the pain and high cost of paintball or airsoft! Perfect for birthday parties, youth groups, family gatherings, corporate team building or other groups who want realistic and exciting live-play gaming experience.  Unlike paintball or airsoft, beginners can easily compete and have immediate fun and success. Plus, no paint, no pain, no goggles, no heavy, bulky gear – just plenty of adrenaline-packed adventure!
Drill Sargents run and regulate all events.
Our staff will always have one or more "Sarge" there to run recruits through the briefings and regulate the battlefield. Our goal is to make sure everyone has the best experience ever so safety is our priority.
- our staff will arrive 30 minutes before the event to set up
- all "recruits will be given a 10-15 minute briefing/training before being sent on multiple missions (each lasting 5-15 minutes) after each mission players are reset and briefed on the next mission. 
-Staff are the referee and thier word is law. 
  • 100% mobile so we cn go to your location as long as the "War Wagon" can drive there!
  • Plays like a video game!
  • Gets everyone up and active! 
  • unlimited ammo! (it shoots light beams)
  • ​Instant feedback on hits and stats
  • No bulky protective gear needed! (no even a ill fitting vest)
  • 8 weapon types each with different damage, clip size, etc with over 60 different sounds
  • Range of over 400 feet daytime and 600 feet at night 
  • 100% eye safe infrared technology (like your remote control)
  • No bruises! (except to maybe your ego)
  • Birthday parties, Corporate team building, Scouts, Youth groups, family reunions, and more!
  • Non profit discounts
  • Fundraising options